Name Email Address Position
Chris Peacock [email protected] Principal
 Meagan Yaros [email protected] Assistant Principal
Denise Boring [email protected] SAM
Corinthians Davis [email protected] Secretary
Tammy Dearolf [email protected] Bookkeeper
Kristina Johansson [email protected] Guidance Counselor
Jennifer Treco              [email protected] Social Worker
Liza Warsaw [email protected] Registrar
Iyana Collins              [email protected] Kindergarten
Christine Cain [email protected] Kindergarten
Karen Madsen [email protected]] Kindergarten
Shannon Williams [email protected] Kindergarten
Minet Gregory [email protected] Kindergarten 
Christine Coates [email protected] First Grade
Erica Fife  [email protected] First Grade 
Amy Jones [email protected] First Grade
Susan Lezcano [email protected] First Grade
Allison Petro [email protected] First Grade
Jacqueline Pierre [email protected] First Grade             
Athena Bouvier [email protected] Second Grade
Kim Ingolia [email protected] Second Grade
Breelynn Keif [email protected] Second Grade
Leslie Weitermann [email protected] Second Grade
Victoria Rubart  [email protected] Second Grade
Michele Brown [email protected] Third Grade
Marisa Dongilli [email protected] Third Grade
Mary Fareed [email protected] Third Grade
Izabelle Meyers [email protected] Third Grade
Jessica Naples [email protected] Third Grade
Melissa Worischeck [email protected] Third Grade
Jillian Crosbee [email protected] Fourth Grade
Callie Plaxco [email protected] Fourth Grade
Xavier Reyes [email protected] Fourth Grade
Antonio Salas Ramos [email protected] Fifth Grade
Stephanie Burleson [email protected] Fifth Grade
Angela Giddens [email protected] Fifth Grade
Desiree Hines [email protected] Fifth Grade
Derek Miller [email protected] Fifth Grade
Josh Goldstein [email protected] Art
Larissa Hardesty [email protected] Music
Chad Long [email protected] PE
Flor A. Gomez [email protected] PE Paraprofessional 
Idelisa Alvarez [email protected] ESOL Paraprofessional
Rhonda Asfoor [email protected] Media/Tech Paraprofessional
Vanessa Banos [email protected] ESOL
Ariana Bird [email protected] Paraprofessional
Sue Budzian [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Tabatha Carr [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Yelitz Cruz [email protected] Reading Paraprofessional
Mary DeBonville [email protected] Reading Coach
Norma Deverney-George [email protected] Clinic Assistant
Antonio Pagan              [email protected] Behavior Specialist
Toni Harrell [email protected] Reading Coach
Jacqueline Jordan [email protected] SLD Teacher
Kim Antrim              [email protected] SLD Teacher
Karen Lindsey [email protected] Teacher of the Gifted             
Mariana Manrique [email protected] Paraprofessional
Linda Nunez [email protected] ELL Staff
Kim Parmer [email protected] Curriculum Teacher
Karee Robinson [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Kym Santman [email protected] VE ESE
Pilar Smyth [email protected] ELL Staff
Angela Spadaro [email protected] Speech
Carolyn Williams [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Norma Deverney-George [email protected] Clinic Assistant
Debra Kyttle [email protected] Lunchroom Assistant Manager
Alexis Loreto [email protected] Lunchroom Manager
Philip Stichler [email protected] Head Custodian
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