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Lake Orienta Elementary uses Positive Behavior Support (PBS) as our school-wide discipline policy.  The mission PBS is to establish and maintain effective school environments that maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence of all learners.  Lake Orienta has the following expectations in all school settings:





The Seminole County School Board Student Conduct and Discipline Code of Conduct and forms the basis for our behavior policies and is the guide for setting expectations for student behavior and the consequences for misbehavior. This code is in effect on school property during regular school hours as well as other places and times where teachers and school administrators are in charge of students. This code also applies to students being transported on school buses.

Parents are expected to review expectations for proper behavior at school on a regular basis with their child. Teachers are responsible for the discipline of students in their individual classrooms. Students will be dealt with reasonably, fairly and with patience, but persistent misconduct will not be tolerated. Parents will be advised promptly when students begin to get into difficulty which might lead to suspension or expulsion.

Teachers will use a variety of rewards to fit the individual differences of students in their classes. Rewards may include individual incentive charts, certificates, stickers, pencils, and recognition at assemblies.

The Corrective Discipline Form is documentation of the PBS interventions teachers have taken before using a Seminole County Referral Form. There are 3 parent contacts before the student is actually sent to the office. These notices are stapled to the student's planner with a quick note to the parent. The Corrective Discipline Form is NOT used for constant tardies, absences and homework.

Incidents involving fighting, threats, theft, vandalism, and weapons possession are immediately directed to administration with a completed Seminole County Discipline Referral Form. The most extreme consequence of a referral is a formal suspension by administration. When a student is assigned an out-of-school suspension, the student has an unexcused absence. During the suspension, the student is expected to make up any work missed during the suspension period.