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Fourth Grade Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

8:30-8:40         Arrival, Morning Work, Daily News

8:40-9:25        Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

9:25-9:55    Intervention

9:55-10:35    Specials (PE, Art, Music)

10:40-12:00 Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

12:10-1:10       Lunch/Recess

1:10-2:50 Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

2:50                 Cleanup and Dismissal

Wednesday (Early Dismissal)

8:30-8:40         Arrival, Morning Work, Daily News

8:40-9:35         Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

9:35-10:05      Specials (Art, Music, P.E.)

10:05-10:45    Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

10:45-12:10     Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

12:10-1:10 Lunch/Recess

1:10-1:50 Classroom (Math/Science or Reading/Writing)

1:50 Cleanup and Dismissal