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First Grade Curriculum

First Grade Curriculum


-Identify Concepts of Print: parts of a book, words, and sentences

-Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds

-Segment sounds

-Blend sounds to form words

-Manipulate sounds to create new words through addition, deletion and substitution

-Identify syllables in words

-Identify and produce rhyming words

-Compare fiction vs. non-fiction literature

-Make predictions about text prior to reading

-Respond to literature

-Sequence stories: identify beginning, middle, and ending parts

-Identify main idea and supporting details

-Identify characters, setting, and plot in a story

-Recognize sight words

-Increase comprehension

-Utilize vocabulary

-Improve fluency

Language Arts

- Writing an opinion, narrative, and explanatory text. 

- Respond to questions by recalling information from experiences or sources. 

- Use standard conventions of English grammar (punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, etc.)

- Use graphic organizers to plan for writing. 


-Solve addition and subtraction facts to 20 using a variety of strategies-adding on, counting back, doubles plus/minus one, drawing pictures

-Identify the tens place and ones place in given numbers

-Compare numbers to 100-less than <, greater than >, equal to =

-Locate a given number on a number line or hundreds chart

-Order a set of numbers from least to greatest or greatest to least

-Compare and sort two/three dimensional figures shapes according to their attributes-number and length of sides, number of vertices


-Integrated into curriculum

-Nature of Science-Practice of Science

-Earth in Space and Time, Earth Structures

-Physical Science –Properties of Matter, Motion of Objects, Forces and Changes in Motion

-Life Science-Organization and Development of Living Organisms, Heredity and Reproduction, Interdependence

Social Studies

- Integrated into curriculum

-Civics and Government

-Community Helpers



-American History

-Character Education: Respect, Honesty, Courage, Gratitude, Generosity, Responsibility, Caring, Knowledge, Fairness, Patriotism