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Fifth Grade Curriculum

5th Grade Reading

  • Identify main idea and details
  • Make inferences
  • Draw conclusions
  • Identify author’s purpose
  • Summarizing
  • Identify cause-and-effect relationships
  • Sequencing
  • Compare and contrast story elements, characters, setting, and problems
  • Understand the difference between fact and opinion
  • Figurative language
  • Use context clues to find the meanings of new words
  • Use prefixes and suffixes to learn the meaning of new words
  • Use synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homographs, to learn the meaning of new words
  • Determine the correct meaning of words with multiple meanings
  • Identify character and character development, setting, plot, and problem/resolution within a story
  • Identify themes or topics within a variety of texts

5th Grade Math

The math curriculum is divided into three Big Ideas:


Big Idea 1-Students will develop an understanding of and fluency with division of whole numbers.

Big Idea 2-Students will develop an understanding of and fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals.

Big Idea 3- Students will describe three-dimensional shapes and analyze their properties, including volume and surface area.

Other Supporting Ideas;

·        Algebra

·        Geometry and Measurement

·        Numbers and Operations

·        Data Analysis

5th Grade Science

The science curriculum is divided into four Bodies of Knowledge;

Nature of Science

·        The Practice of Science

·        The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge

Earth and Space

·        Earth in Space and Time

·        Earth Systems and Patterns

Physical Science

·        Properties of Matter

·        Changes in Matter

·        Forms of Energy

·        Energy Transfer and Transformation

·        Forces and changes in motion

Life Science

·        Organization and Development of Living Organisms

·        Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms

·        Interdependence

5th Grade Social Studies

Throughout the year we will explore topics related to American History including:

·        North America’s Geography

·        Civics and Government

·        Economics